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BhuvanaYoga Instructor
‘ShivaYoga signature classes are paced moderately to vigorously depending upon the level. As a beginner, you start with the basics and gradually build up to more advanced levels as your practice grows. Our Yoga is practical and geared to address issues like neck pain due to excessive usage of laptops and desktops, back pain due to wrong sitting posture, stress relieving by breathing exercises.’

What our pupils say...

“Shiva” The name itself refers a yogi personality .. It’s also called as SYC ( Shiva yoga centre ) .. It’s a beautiful place to start our day with the best motivating guru Mrs.Bhuvaneshwary mam . I have joined lot of yoga institutes before I step in to this institutes and I have been here since last one month .. Based on me , It’s a tremendous place to explore our inner thoughts through meditation which is given by Bhuwana mam. She gives lot of care and individual attention to all of her students and shaping them to come out from their comfort zone .. Really , she is a best and inspirational teacher for me and also for every one . Especially her way of teaching advanced asanas is very awesome.. I wish her all the very best owe for her entire life .. Thank you very much mam .. Thanks a lot …..Sathya Moorthy  
I have been going to SYC since last couple of weeks. Dr.Bhuvana mam is absolutely brilliant. She helps you out in moving away from your comfort zone and get the max benefit out of whatever you practice. She doesnt give up on anyone until she feels what we are doing is right. Her energy and positivity is highly infectious. I would def recommend shiva yoga center for all who wish to take this up……. Nithin Rao
If you are looking for a place to find peace in yourself, then this is the right choice. The aasanas and breathing exercises done here makes our mind and body fresh. This place brings the best in us and creates great interest towards yoga and meditation. The instructor is so friendly and motivating. She takes personal care on everyone and boosts up our energy . She has been a great inspiration. Worth spending time here…….Sowndarya Guru
This center is unique that guru is able to maintain direct connect with each of students. This is need for consistent progress in journey of yoga where in most of other center instructors work lik on-demand and once the class is over the next class could be some one else who me mutually know nothing….Sasi Kumar
Awesome individual care by Bhuvana mam. SYC has brought a healthy change in my lifestyle with refreshing yoga sessions and good diet tips. Highly recommended for all age groups…..SriNive thini
Just been a month..I could find the difference in me…importance of breath and meditation is the key and we are seeing the positive impact within. thank you madam for the nishkamya karma and care that you show to each one of us….Vatsavi Sridhar
I have joined Shiva Yoga center recently. I must say tat I feel much of differences , my body muscles getting toned , flexibility and concentration has improved much.. Our trainer takes special care on everybody and teaches well to the core. The way she teaches asanas and meditation is really good. I feel happy tat I have joined here …..Revthy Ram
It’s a lovely and a motivating yoga center. The guru is a wonderful person who is very much dedicated and takes good care of each and every student of hers. A must place for people who want to gain a different experience and begin their yoga journey….. Mythreyi Venkataraman
Joined shiva yoga centre only a week back and I have been attending classes regularly. I can feel a positive change in my body already. I’m more active when compared to before and I have been looking forward everyday to attend the classes. Mam gives positive energy in each class and gives special attention to each and everyone. Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn yoga from the basics. Can assure anyone that they will fall in love with yoga after attending classes here…..Akshaya Vijaykumar
I had recently joined Shiva yoga center and I must say this is the best place for self realisation and to attain peace. Within a week I found difference in my body and mind..I had lots of stress and used to feel sad n unhappy most of the time..but now I feel relaxed n happy. Love the ambience and teacher gives individual attention to every single person & wishes good for all of them from heart. Yoga should definitely be a part in every individual’s life and “Shiva Yoga Center” is the best place for a healthy blissful life !πŸ‘ Sumana shamanth
This is my first time with yoga and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Its been a month and I already feel amazing. The most difficult part for me always was getting up in the morning and pushing myself. But it’s never been a problem with shiva yoga. On the contrary I have started looking forward to the morning sessions. The amount of enthusiasm and energy that ma’am passes on to us is so addictive. This place has genuinely made me want to practice yoga for life. Thank you ma’am…..Kavya Raj
I am a firm believer of one on one tutorship in whatever I have chosen to learn, so I was quite skeptical of how a group class in yoga would work out for me. But, I must admit that my tutor Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari is a very dedicated and passionate teacher (and also an ayurvedic doctor to top it), who firmly believes in yoga as a mode to make you a better person and in so doing, a better society. She takes extra care in understanding each of her students’ shortcomings and positively reinforces to help them overcome their barriers. Although classes are from Monday through Friday, shes takes extra to train new comers for Asanas and mudras on weekends. In my short stint I have become a happier and peaceful person. A great place to join if you want to simply want to learn yoga, address any health issues and become a better human being….. Carola Winnie

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